Western States Trucking Association (WSTA)


Let your voice be heard

Why Contribute to a PAC?
The WSTA TruckPAC exists to educate lawmakers on issues of importance to our membership. The PAC Fund allows representatives of WSTA to attend campaign events and show support to lawmakers that have taken an interest in subjects important to you.

How PAC Funds are used by politicians
Many have a healthy skepticism of our political process. But the fact remains, it cost money to run successfully for a political office. Politicians not supportive of your issues have little problem raising funds from unions and groups such as environmentalist whose views are not supportive of small-business.

Let your voice be heard
Small-business trucking accounts for 97% of all active motor carriers. Large companies and their associations often lobby for laws not favorable to the majority of the industry. WSTA TruckPAC helps to "level the playing field."

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